What is the AAPLE CyberTutorial Mentorship Program? The AAPLE CyberTutorial program is an online tutorial program utilizing video conferencing and whiteboard technologies to facilitate a one-to-one learning between tutor and tutee.

Who is eligible for tutoring? Any SBUSD student in need of tutoring can access the AAPLE tutorial services.

Why is tutoring important? All students need help with school at one time or another. Some students need to remediation others practice or enrichment. AAPLE tutors focus on Reading Comprehension and Mathematics because both subject areas are fundamental future academic success.

Why do student tutors work so well? There is an incredible dynamic that exists when high school aged students and elementary students interact. There is an automatic engagement and respect that exists which allows for great academic progress to be made. AAPLE tutors establish a positive relationship their tutorees and recognized their role as a mentor for students. All AAPLE students are successful students and are involved in multiple extracurricular activities including sports, performances, or activities-- this help facilitate student tutor relationships.

How do students initiate tutoring? Students needing tutoring (tutee) will access AAPLE’s Cybertutorial website where they are able to view the tutorial calendar offering available dates and times for tutoring. Tutoree’s will then select the date and time provided by the tutor. Once both parties have confirmed the date the AAPLE tutor will send an email invitation to attend the online tutorial session.

How much does the tutoring cost? All tutorial sessions are free.

What subjects can AAPLE students help me with? AAPLE student can help with any subject. Math, reading comprehension, Foreign Language, Science.

What is the AAPLE Academy? AAPLE is a SBUSD Academy focusing on leadership, community service, rigorous academics, and college admission. AAPLE directs the collective energy of our highest achieving student leaders to create a school culture that celebrates excellence and a focus on giving back to the community. To this end, AAPLE’s mission is to offer a highly rigorous four-year academic pathway in a way that prepares students for top-tier college entrance while simultaneously providing sustained involvement in leadership and service based opportunities that benefit students and the community.

Can I request the same tutor? Yes. You can connect with your favorite tutor whenever they're available. If you establish a connection with an AAPLE tutor you are welcome to arrange future tutorial sessions with the tutor or you can try another great tutor in your requested subject.